How to limit the number of tabs in your web browser?

Those who spend long hours in front of a computer, surely spend an important part of that time using the Internet browser.

If you are one of those people and if you particularly tend to keep open a large number of tabs, this extension may be useful for you, allowing you to limit their allowed amount and thus safeguard your team’s resources and performance.

It’s about 10 tabs, no more. This add-on, available for Chrome, Edge and Firefox, allows you to set a limit in the browser, as its name indicates, of a maximum of 10 tabs run simultaneously.

This limit is suggested, as it can be adjusted from the add-on settings, according to the use you give your browser and the performance capacity of the computer under which it is running.

In the same way, you can also manage the grace time provided by this extension before completing its task. Once this limit is reached, which by default is 30 seconds, a tab will be closed at random or the last visited among all the open ones, depending on what has been previously configured.

When you press the icon of the extension that is located in the browser’s task bar, a small window is displayed that contains, in addition to the essential settings, a switch to activate or deactivate the activity of this tool.

Like many of the popular extensions that are available for download from each browser’s add-on galleries, this solution is easy to implement. It practically does not require large configurations. Once installed and activated, it begins to work with its default values, which can be adjusted later, optionally, under the previously described mechanism.

This extension is distributed under an open source license, so any developer can access its code through GitHub, to modify or reuse it.

10 tabs, no more is a young project. Without going too far, at the time of publishing this note, its version 1.0 has been published for just over a week.

If you consider yourself a somewhat dispersed person when browsing the web, accumulating tabs that are probably in disuse or, if your work rhythm in front of the computer is demanding enough to burst your browser, this tool can be a good ally to avoid slowdowns or hangs on your system due to excessive consumption of resources from the browser.

You can download this extension for free from the respective extension stores of each browser, which are linked from the website of this project.

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