How to listen to your own WhatsApp audios before sending them

Surely on more than one occasion you have wanted to know how your voice is heard when sending a voice note on WhatsApp. The point is, as you have seen, it can only be done after the audio has been sent to that person.

However, we have tested a simple method that will allow you check the quality of the voice memo and what you said in it before sending it. Watch out for the trick.

Listen to your WhatsApp voice notes before sending them

  • Enter the WhatsApp app and enter the chat of the person or group to which you will send the voice note.
  • Hold down the button to record audio, which is located in the lower right part of the chat and is represented by a microphone icon.
  • Without releasing it, slide your finger up until the padlock cone is displayed, allowing you to record voice memos without having to hold down the same button.
  • When you finish recording what you consider necessary for the same audio, exit the chat, either by pressing the main menu button, the back button or simply touching the arrow to exit the chat located next to the contact’s image.
  • Once this is done, enter the chat again and place the note at the bottom to listen to it calmly before sending it. If you don’t like what your ears hear, you have the option to delete it by clicking on the red trash can.

As you saw in the screenshots, doing this is only a matter of seconds, although the delay will depend on the time it took to make the audio. If you need other tricks for this application, here are some interesting ideas:

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