How to make medieval memes in easy steps

Did you know that memes are really nothing new and that they have between us a minimum of a century? Well that is a fact that is really curious, since more than one of us thought that memes they were about something new and that correspond to the advancement of technology.

Apparently it was not so and medieval memes are one of the funniest versions of the same, drawing on drawings, historical tapestries and images from medieval times.

It was exactly in the year 1921 when the first meme in history was published, or at least the first known, and was featured by the satirical magazine The Judge (published by the University of Iowa).

A century later, this meme editor arrives that allows you to add, among many things, buildings, beasts, people, living or dead soldiers, etc. It is created by Leonard Allain-Launay, Mathieu and Maria Cosmina Etegan (software engineer at Google), and this program seeks to present the greatest amount of creative options for users, who will be able to make their memes in a kind of classic tapestry and then gradually modify its content.

You can put the figures you want and the sky will be the limit, allowing you to modify even the depth layers of the figures, so that some are above or below others. Therefore, if you like art and are inspired, you can create true works of the art of laughter.

Once you have finished creating and editing your content, it can be saved in PNG or as an .hctk file, plus it also allows you to create multiple pages. to export as GIF. In addition to this, another of the positive points of this content creator is that it can be used offline, so the internet will not be an impediment to use it.

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