How to prepare a tablet to entertain children during quarantine

Niño jugando con una tablet.

The coronavirus advances unstoppably. The Government has taken a series of measures with the aim of restricting movements as much as possible, including confining all family members to their homes, including the youngest.

However, this prevention measure also has its negative side, since the little ones have to stay locked in their houses for at least two weeks, although schools may be closed even longer if the coronavirus crisis continues to worsen. A time when parents have to combine childcare with teleworking.

Since we know how difficult it can be to keep the little ones in the house entertained, we will explain how to prepare a tablet for children to face quarantine in the most comfortable way possible.

Parental control

If you want to make sure that your little stem do not access inappropriate applications for your ageIdeally, you should go to parental control. If you have an Android tablet you can activate it like this:

  • Enter Google Play, the tablet application store.
  • Go to “Settings” and scroll down until you see the option “Parental control”, which you should activate.

Babies playing with a tablet. @ilumire on Unsplash

Once activated, you will see how you can restrict, separately, content such as applications and games, movies or music. In each section you can select the level of restriction that best fits what you want your children to see or not see.

Likewise,We recommend controlling the purchases that can be made from the tablet, both in the app store and while using those apps and games. Otherwise, we run the risk that children can spend money without our permission. To prevent it, we will have to re-enter the Settings section of Google Play and go down until we see “Request authentication to make purchases”.

If you have an iPad instead, you will need to do the following to launch parental controls:

  • Enter the “Settings” section of the device and search for “Usage time”.
  • Then click on “Content and privacy restrictions” and finally activate them on “Content restrictions”.

iPad. @rmrdnl on Unsplash

As in the case of Android tablets, you can choose a certain age range for different content, such as apps, movies, music, etc. If you also want to limit purchases you will have to go back to “Content and privacy restrictions” and look for the section “iTunes and App Store purchases”.

Porn Block

It is possible that your challenges are old enough to surf the Internet, however, today there is a danger that they can get to see inappropriate content for their age in just a couple of searches, as with pornography.

Do not worry, avoiding it is simpler than it seems, especially if you use Google Chrome as a browser, since there are extensionsthat will block such content, such as “Adult Website Blocker”, “Parental Control” and “Parental Control: Anti-Porno”.

In some of them we can even create Blacklists of specific websites that we do not want to enter or white lists that only include the websites that they can access.

If you have an iPad and your child uses Safari instead of Chrome, you can directly configure the device so that it does not enter strange websites. Just go to settings, enter “Time of use” and then “Restrictions” and “Content restrictions”.

Once there click on “Web Content”, from where you can set the block to all adult web pages or allow access to only a limited number of websites.

Apps for children

Obviously, depending on the age and what you want your little ones to do with the tablet, but ideally, they use applications that have been specifically designed for children. Then a compilation of the most popular apps and videogames:

  • YouTube Kids.
  • Clan RTVE.
  • Tap Lab.
  • Blond notebooks.
  • Learn Mathematics (bmath).
  • Smartick.
  • Learn to read.
  • Netflix Kids.
  • Roblox.
  • Minecraft.
  • Lego City.
  • Peppa Pig: Paintbox.
  • Thinkrolls 2.
  • English for children.

Essential accessories

In general, children are less careful than adults with anything they hold in their hands, so if we leave them a tablet without protections, possibly it will last a short time.

To avoid this, it is advisable to have two essential accessories: a screen protector and a case. In the case of screen protectors, they must be made of tempered glass, since they provide great resistance.

Boy with a tablet. @kellysikkema on Unsplash

Regarding the cover, the choice has a lot to do with the taste of each person, but if we want it to resist the onslaught of the little devil of the house, it is recommended that they can resist heavy shocks and even be waterproof.

We hope that this little guide has served you to solve doubts. We also remember that the use of parental controls and payment restrictions They are essential so that children do not come across inappropriate content.

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