How to put a welcome video in the corner of your website

On some websites there is a chat button in the corner, or a newsletter subscription banner, but we rarely see an animated icon with a welcome video, something that can be done, and in a few minutes.

To do this we can use the solution presented in, a web application in which we only have to upload a video and copy the code they offer so that we can embed it in the code of our website.

The result is modern and attractive: visitors will see a small animation of the video in the corner, in the shape of a circle, and clicking on it will open the video we have included.

Available for free for a single video on, it offers a control panel from where it is possible to change or manage the content easily.

If you want more videos on more websites, we will have to start testing the pro version, which pays according to the amount we want. You would also have to pay to remove the mark that indicates where the video came from.

The video in question can be an existing one to upload or record directly from the browser. We can see a live demo by customizing the embed and adding a CTA button to redirect to any page, open the email client, or open the window for them to contact us.

An elegant and minimally invasive solution.

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