How to put background photos on the keyboard of your Android mobile

Among so many customization options of our Android mobile, one of the points in which we have the most interaction is the keyboard. If you don’t like the current look of this feature, you can adjust the background with this tutorial..

Changing their colors, the size of the letters and even placing our favorite photos in the background so that they are always present when writing is possible with the following application.

Gboard, the best app to change the keyboard background on Android

As this is a tool that we will almost necessarily use on a daily basis, we will teach you how to customize the background of the keyboard itself so that you can incorporate any photo of your gallery and also for you to change it when it pleases you.

To perform these actions we will use the official Google keyboard, Gboard, which is clearly one of the best in its field thanks to its good functionality. Although it is true that there are many keyboards of outstanding quality and remarkable performance in the Play Store, it must be taken into account that Gboard It comes integrated in almost all Android phones and is one of the best known at a general level. In summary, this Google keyboard allows you to carry out that configuration, so here we leave you the steps to do it.

– Confirm that you have this app installed, updated and set as the default keyboard (below we will leave you the download link). – Display the keyboard on any application and click on the Configuration option, which is represented with a gear symbol .– Once inside, access the Theme tab .– Select the first option (My themes). Incidentally, further down it is the Colors tab and some other Landscapes, to choose unicolored designs and predetermined landscapes instead of your own photographs. – Click on a photo from any folder in your gallery that you like to adjust its size and brightness. – Click on Done and the job is done. If later you don’t like how the keyboard feels, you can repeat the process as many times as you want until you find that background you are looking for so much.

Knowing all the above, below we will leave you the free download link from Google Play:

Gboard: download from Play Store

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