How to Quickly Filter All Gmail Spam

As the years go by, it becomes more recurrent to find spam in our inboxes. The infamous spam begins to arrive as our email address begins to become known, making it the object of newsletters, advertising offers and in general, a lot of information that goes into the background because it does not arouse the interest of its readers.

The more newsletters reach your email account, the more difficult it becomes to filter them or remove subscriptions. However, there are some external solutions that claim to make this task easier. This time we will stop at Unsub, a browser extension that is responsible for filtering these messages from your Gmail inbox.

Its operation is really simple. Once the extension is installed and enabled, a button titled Unsubscribe will appear in the Gmail interface. While browsing your inbox, you can select a batch of messages to mark with this button and thus apply the filter instantly.

This is what Gmail looks like with the Unsub extension enabled

This tool does not delete the emails it leaks from your account, it only archives them in a separate label, to eliminate distractions from the main inbox. Therefore, this solution does not have the powers to free up space from your storage quota.

Usually newsletters or newsletters contain a link that makes it easy to unsubscribe from your list. Despite that, there are times when you prefer to opt for a quick solution, when you do not have the time or the desire to manually carry out this process with each newsletter to be deleted.

Another opportunity that opens with the use of this tool is the possibility of filtering those mass emails that are not sent under the modality of newsletter and that therefore, they do not necessarily have a delete link.

An advantage that stands out in this tool, over what the native Gmail option offers to mark a message as spam, is the possibility of backing down. By keeping a message archived in a tag, it can always be consulted again, unless it is manually deleted. On the other hand, if the original spam filter of the mail service is chosen, the messages will end up disappearing permanently after 30 days.

Given its operating mechanism, this extension is presented as a tool that is totally respectful of the privacy of its users, as it does not have the ability to read email messages or extract any additional data.

At the moment this add-on is available for Chrome and other derived browsers. Soon, new versions for Firefox and Safari will also see the light.

If you want to know more details about the operation of this tool and access its download, you can visit its website.

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