How to receive purchase orders through WhatsApp?

There is no doubt that in much of the world WhatsApp is one of the leading messaging applications. For this reason, it is always good to look for new alternatives to get more out of it.

Thinking mainly of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, OnWhatsApp emerged, a service that allows you to create an online store, with the ability to manage the orders received through this popular communication platform.

The more services are allies of a digital initiative that involves sales, the more channels to access potential customers open the way. Under that logic and taking advantage of the scope that this messaging service has, the present solution arrives.

Holding conversations with clients, which sometimes end up being longer than expected, can imply an additional burden for those in charge of managing a WhatsApp dedicated to the sales of a business. However, this platform takes on another value if it is used in a more efficient way: receiving only a bulletin with all the data of an order already processed.

OnWhatsApp is responsible for this, a platform that allows you to create a catalog with the products offered to channel sales through a modest platform in appearance, but equipped with a series of functionalities that facilitate the management of the sales of an SME.

Appearance of an OnWhatsApp sales catalog

After registering for this service, you can create a catalog separated by categories with the products and / or services offered, adding their respective description, image and price. At the moment it is not possible to configure an available stock number, so when a product ceases to be available, the only option is to delete it instead of freezing its presence in the catalog. However, its developers reported that they are already working on a solution.

When setting up a store, you can establish multiple means of payment, such as the use of cash when picking up the product or receiving the delivery, through PayPal or another external payment manager. It should be noted that this service does not charge sales commissions.

These online mini-stores can be customized by adjusting the currency to be used, the payment instructions and the percentage of surcharge for shipping, if applicable. The URLs of these catalogs are of the type

When someone places an order through this platform, the owner of the store will receive a report through WhatsApp or SMS, according to their preferences. Along with the details of the purchase, you will also get in the same message the customer’s contact details, to communicate with him if necessary.

According to what is stated in the presentation of this service on the web, its origins go back to a hackathon. At that time, a group of developers with experience in the area of ​​entrepreneurship set out to create an affordable solution that would empower small and medium-sized companies through the tools they already use.

Administration panel of an OnWhatsApp store

To see how it works live, the website of this service has three demonstrations: the catalog of a jeweler, a flower shop and a cafe-restaurant.

Considering that WhatsApp is a well-positioned tool in the field of daily communications, bringing together more than 2 billion users around the world, this tool is emerging as an interesting opportunity to reach more customers.

The single plan of this service, which is paid, allows you to link to your number registered in WhatsApp a catalog with unlimited products and categories.

Due to its recent launch, its rate remains at an introductory price of $ 1 per month, with the possibility of obtaining two months free if the annual billing method is chosen. This promotion will remain in effect until the threshold of the first 40,000 clients is reached.


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