How to record WhatsApp calls on Android and iPhone

Recording phone calls is simple, but when they are made via WhatsApp it is somewhat more complex, since the call system it uses is different and there are not so many applications that perform the task.

WhatsApp does not natively support call recording on its mobile or desktop versions, partly because recording phone calls is not necessarily legal, it depends on the country and whether or not the other person is asked for permission.

Today they have presented an application for android that is capable of doing it, and it is already available with early access.

This is Callrecorder, and it differs from the competition on several points:

– Supports WhatsApp calls for a wide range of Android devices. – You can store your conversation and play it back when we need it. – Automatically detect calls and start recording (no need to press any button). – Use Artificial Intelligence to improve audio quality– You can, in addition to start, stop recording automatically.

Using the voice recorder

There are other options that we can use, such as the voice recorder that comes with android. For this method, we would initiate your WhatsApp call, and while we are on a smartphone that supports multitasking, we should be able to close the WhatsApp call without ending it, then open the voice recording application and press record. The call will need to be on speakerphone to make sure the recorder picks up both sides of the call, but the audio is likely to sound bad. This is not the most elegant solution, very impractical indeed. Still, if you do, we recommend the Dolby on recording app.

Alternatives to Callrecorder

There are other third-party applications that offer call recording features that are also very popular. One of the best options to record a WhatsApp voice call on Android is Cube Call Recorder, which is available on the Google Play Store.

This call recording app is free, and it also offers automatic incoming call recording, as well as call recording in a variety of apps, including WhatsApp. This application is loaded with interesting functions such as shake to dial that allows us to shake the phone to mark important moments in a conversation so that we can refer to them later. It also has support for cloud backups of your recordings, as well as a Silent Mode that allows you to hide the recording widget and the application itself.

The problem with iOS

Apple makes recording calls directly from the phone a much more difficult task. On the one hand, third-party applications are prohibited from accessing the phone application and the microphone at the same time, so it is not possible to find apps that directly record WhatsApp calls.

We can, yes, use the native screen recorder of the iPhone, although it is capable of recording the sound generated by the applications, it does not capture our side of the call, since the microphone is already in use for the audio call or the video call.

The simplest thing we can do in this case is to make the call on the loudspeaker and record the call with a second device. For that we will need a tape recorder, a computer or an extra mobile phone. Unfortunately today it is impossible to do otherwise.

In general, recording a WhatsApp call on an Android device with access to the Google Play Store is much easier than on an iOS device.

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