How to reduce the size of our files


When we have a lot of files on the disk, many characteristics of them, such as metadata or information secondary (for example, the one that tells us when it was created or modified) can become useless. And, obviously, it takes up space that is wasted. What if we delete that information? will we gain space?

There is no doubt that s. Just add some sums, and you will realize that informative data is a considerable cost of space. Leanify help you optimize the files and earn additional megabytes. The main objective of the application is that we can gain space by deleting information that is not interesting or useful to us.

Leanify, optimizing to reduce file size

With a size of only 400 KB and command line basedLeanify becomes a program that, in a few steps, helps us save a lot of space. Which we can use later to store what we want. Simply we run the app from the terminal and we choose what we want to do.

It should be mentioned that it is not a matter of double-clicking on the file, but we will have to write the necessary commands for the application to do the necessary operations. To give you an idea, this will be the command to optimize files at the highest possible speed:

leanify -d

From there, you have to put a little creativity To the subject.

Maximum compatibility

Leanify is compatible with APK, ZIP, GZ, TAR, XML, PNG, JPEG, SVG, EXE, DLL, SWF, LUA, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, EPUB, FB2, JAR, DWF, XPS, ICO, ODT, GFT, RDB formats . Anyway, we also warn that new versions are helping to improve compatibility. Soon we will be able to optimize BMP, DIB and PDF files, to name just a few examples.

We have used Leanify and the truth is that Has helped us to scrape up some extra megabyte. If you want to see better results, try it for yourself. It is already available, so free, for Windows, Mac and Linux, in 32 and 64 bit versions. Don’t forget to read the instructions. Such a program it can become dangerous for the integrity of your data.

Official page | Leanify

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