How to remove the voice from a song and just keep the music

From a technical point of view it is not difficult to differentiate the human voice from the instruments. They tend to be different frequencies, so that with the right tools it will be possible to filter and separate to achieve very acceptable results, although there can always be areas that are more difficult to separate, of course.

The fact is that with current technology it is getting easier and easier, and now it is not necessary to have much knowledge of audio editing, there are platforms that separate it automatically without many problems.

One of them is the one presented by Domingo Martin Mancera. This is, and its use could not be easier.

We just have to access this website and upload the song we want. It removes voices from a song using artificial intelligence, so that we upload any musical file and return it separated by voice and instrumental.

On the same website it is possible to see several examples at the bottom. We can find a section with different tabs, each one of a different style of music.

A vocal remover separates voices from instruments using sophisticated source separation techniques. These algorithms use a lot of computing resources and are difficult to configure, so what they have managed to do with voxremover is very remarkable.

Prices depend on the number of songs we want to process, with unlimited options for the $ 48 / month plan.

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