How to see the hidden photos of any Facebook profile


From time to time a project appears on the network that promises to skip the privacy of Facebook to have access to information or images that we should not be able to see. Most are hoaxes with embedded malware, but recently one has come to the fore that seems to do what it says on the tin. really?

Picturebook, now renamed PictureMate, is a Chrome extension that promises to be able see the hidden images of anyone on Facebook. It sounds very suspicious, but in reality the only thing you are doing is taking advantage of the way the social network works, and you are not exploiting any bugs. And it is that when we mark that we want to hide an image of our timeline in which we have been tagged, we are not actually deleting it.

Showing hidden photos on Facebook

That image remains on Facebook’s servers, with the same privacy as when it was published; so if the photo was made public, it doesn’t matter if it was hidden from the timeline because it could be found. PictureMate works looking for all the photos of a profile and showing them if they are public; for this we just have to go to the profile in question and click on the extension icon.

PictureMate only serves to find photos that we could have found anyway, it only makes it easier. If we really want our photo to not appear, we can remove the tagging or ask the user to upload it to delete it.

Install PictureMate for Google Chrome

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