How to send an anonymous message on WhatsApp

Send messages on WhatsApp without a contact seeing our photo or knowing that it is us it’s completely possible, capable of being done by anyone easily and for free.

Why do you need to send anonymous messages within WhatsApp? The reasons may vary, possibly being so that people who are written to only once cannot see the identity of the issuer, as it could also be for a simple joke to a colleague or talk to a company without fear of using our data for later occasions.

Any situation that does not represent a danger to anyone is valid, and although WhatsApp does not yet have a native function that allows you to do this, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Of course, it will take help from a couple of external things to help us achieve this goal.

This time we will be presenting a special application developed by third parties which serves precisely for that, to send messages in the most anonymous way possible.


We start with an app called Wassapeame, which can be found in the Play Store to be downloaded completely free of charge. In fact, this turns out to be the most prominent option in terms of applications to be able to send anonymous messages on WhatsApp, as it uses the social network API to achieve that goal. How is this app used? Here are the steps to follow:

– First of all, download the Wassapeame app from Google Play and accept the permissions that it asks you to use.

– Write the number of the person you want to contact and write the message you will send.

– Once it is ready, click on the Wassapea button and select the WhatsApp app as the means to send the message.

This is simply the best option we can mention to send messages without saving the contact, as there are some other methods but require use of new phone numbers, or even download more complicated applications that serve the same purpose.

It is also important to mention that, in our case, the use of this tool is simply not to save the person’s contact number, and this means that our profile photo cannot appear to said contact.

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