How to send photos on Telegram and WhatsApp without losing quality

Do you know that every time you send a photo from messaging applications like Telegram and WhatsApp, they are compressed so that they weigh as little as possible? In theory that sounds good, although we lose a good part of the quality of the photos to reduce data consumption.

Surely you have already realized this before and that there is nothing at first glance that tells us how to send the photos uncompressed so that they do not lose their quality. However, here we will explain the simple step to forget about this.

The good news is that I know that there is a way to achieve this goal natively and without the use of any third-party tools, and it all happens through the side window of the web. What do we mean by this? Well, the solution is in attaching the photos as a file, instead of selecting it as we always do from the direct access to the images.

Here is the process to send the photos on Telegram without losing quality:

– As we mentioned previously, the images will have to be attached as a file. For this you must first enter the app.

– Enter the chat of the contact to whom you want to send the content and click on the clip, located at the bottom right.

– Instead of sending the photo through the Gallery window, it will have to be done through the File window.

– Then click on the Galley pop-up tab and voila, select what you want to send.

Here is the procedure to follow within the WhatsApp app:

– It turns out to be practically the same as what should be done for Telegram, and obviously we start with entering the app.

– Click on the clip symbol located at the bottom right and click on Document.

– Then enter the first tab that indicates Search for other documents and do that precisely, search for the photos you want with the mobile browser.

– Pack them and that’s it, you will notice how they will be sent without losing a drop of purity.

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