How to set up payments to buy through Google Home

In addition to using the virtual assistant Google Home to play songs or ask any kind of question, you can also make purchases through simple voice commands.

Being able to do this is more than simple after calibrating the Google Assistant. Logically, a debit or credit card must be added to define what the payment method will be and follow the instructions below to make a purchase.

Set up Google Home to make purchases

If you have a Google Home speaker in your possession and want to configure it so that you can buy your things from now on via voice commands, you must do the following:

– Open the Google Home app on your mobile. – Click on the Settings option, which is represented by the cone of a gear. – Then, in the Personal Information section, you must locate the Payments tab. You will have to select the payment method from which you will send the money you spend. Click on Add credit or debit card, enter all your data and when you finish click on Save.– The next step will be to write the address of your home or the place where you want the orders you order to arrive, clicking on the Add tab new address. As a security measure you can activate the fingerprint function to confirm the order of each order.

At this point, the function will be configured and ready for when it comes time to order a pizza at night or buy any product you want with just raise your voice a little and give the order to Home. As a last point to comment, there is the issue of the availability of this function in most countries, and it is that for now only the United States, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and Australia are the only ones that have access to it. this service.

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