How to take advantage of the 'blank tab' of our browser

How to take advantage of the 'blank tab' of our browser

We show you the best extensions to get the most out of the typical blank tabs of our web browser.

The blank tab of web browsers today is hardly used. It has a lot of potential, but due to the decline of thenews feed and of the markers, they are hardly used. Chances are today, on our blank tabs, we have just that: an empty and useless tab. Be careful, this does not have to be entirely bad.

Today, almost all browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera, in the new tab what they do is show a list of the most visited sites in order to provide a direct link to these. This can not only be annoying (because it reveals to anyone who takes our device the most frequented sites, or failing that the last ones visited), but it could be used more.

Awesome HQ, an application launcher

Why limit yourself to the 8 launchers that include most web browsers? With Awesome HQ we can collect the number of card-type icons (as in Windows or Android Lollipop or higher) that we want. The ideal is to add the extension for our web browser, because this way everything is already configured and we will not have to be adding the portal as a home page.

We can (we must) enter with the Google account to make our desktop. If we do not log in, we will not be able to configure it. On the other hand, we can also establish a series of widgets(like that of time).

If we use the web browser to navigate between certain websites (that is, if we do not use more than 10 websites, for example), it is ideal to avoid wasting time typing the URL or searching for the link in case we do not know it. .

Google apps

If, on the other hand, we only use the web applications that we have in Google, why not limit ourselves to using Google’s own launcher as the home page? Of course, this method is only for those who have Google Chrome and no otherweb browser. Here we can not only launch theapps Google (such as Docs or Gmail), but any other that we have installed such as Telegram, Evernote or Trello.


Google app launcher is not aplugin or extension as such, but it is a directory of all the applications that we have installed in our browser. However, I do know that there is a third-party application that allows us to configure the new tab as if it were this launcher.

Task organizer


Get Minimalist is an application with which we can turn our new tab into a task organizer. If you are one of those who do not remember to do the pending tasks (even having an agenda or a temporary organization program) this program is ideal for you, because it will remind you of what you have to do every time you open a new tab.

Animated wallpapers

Not everything is productivity or useful applications. We may simply not be interested in getting more juice out of the blank lashes and simply want to make them a little more aesthetic. However, as allows us to put live wallpapers, also continues to let us put cards with the most used websites, as well as a plugin minimalist with time. The problem with this extension is, perhaps, that it weighed quite a lot (specifically almost 30 MB).


One of the most interesting things about this extension other than that it includes a to-do list is that has a meditation mode. When activated, a relaxing music player and a suitable wallpaper for the occasion are displayed. If we are stressed from work the truth is that a break of five minutes can recharge our batteries.

Searf, a vitamin-powered search engine


Searf replace our home page with a search engine and a series of bookmarks with the most visited websites, but something more vitaminized. It is much more aesthetic than a simple website with a white background and allows us to quickly change the search engine. If we want to search the web, we use Google (or whatever); if we want to buy, we use the Amazon one; and so with each of the search engines that we have activated.

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