How to test if a controller works without installing or downloading anything

How to control the time children use video game consoles

The consoles They have become one of the main hobbies of many people. So many hours of games end up passing the invoice to the controls; the buttons of these begin to fail and to increase your response time.

This situation leads to frustration for many players, since they see reduced their performance because of the command. Therefore, today at Omicrono we tell you How to check if a console controller is working correctly. It is enough to have a computer at hand, in fact, you do not even need to install anything.

How to test if a console controller works as it should

First of all, we must enter the websiteHTML5 Gamepad Tester. Then we will need connect the remote to our computer;It does not matter if it is from PS4, Xbox or Switch (the latter goes Bluetooth), it works with everyone. In this sense, the cable that we normally use to charge the controller is usually useful.

Once connected, justpress any button of command. After that, we will see how open a box with different parameters. If, for example, we press the X, the corresponding box shine more than the rest, as we show below.

Inside the box we will observe a figurewhich would normally be 1 or -1, as long asthe button works perfectly.1 corresponds to an upward movement and -1 to one downward movement; like the movements that occur in the joysticks. Next we leave you an example image with the joysticks:

What if I don’t get those figures?

The ideal is try with all and each of the buttons if the figures we just mentioned are shown. In this sense, it would mean that the control works perfectly; However, What happens if any of the figures is different from 1 or -1?

If you had previously noticed that some button worked worse, the most normal thing would be that the figure was 0.9, 0.8 or something similar that start with or. That means the address, in this example, of the joysticks is wrong. In our case, one of the buttons showed us a 0.7, which means that it continues to work; but, reacting with less speed and precisionso we could see each other injured when it comes to playing.

In the case of joysticks Something similar happens, in the previous section we showed you that they showed us the round number of -1; However, we have tried another controller and, surprise! One of them marks us -0.7; we expected it considering that it was difficult to move in the games with him.You can see it below:

Vibration test

In the Lower right corner from the parameter panel we find a box called Test Vibration. If we press our command, it will start to vibrate and we will be able to check if it does it properly. Obviously, only those with vibration functions will. This vibration test is only available in Google Chrome.

In HTML5 Gamepad we can test how they work up to 4 controllers at the same time. In case the website does not identify any of them, we recommend close other applications they may be using the controller and restart browser. Similarly, on the web it is explained that on some devices, only certain buttons will activate the API of the gamepad.

xbox video games console controller

HTML5 Gamepad is a good alternative to learn more about the problems of our controller. We advise to take a look before buying a new controller, since it may be enough to change one of the buttons instead of the entire device.

Featured photo: Pxhere

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