How to test the quality of your new headphones

If you have bought new headphones, whether they are button, sports or those giants that I love, surely you want to check if the sound quality is as promised.

Many times they cost more than 100 euros, and trying them listening to a song recorded in the 70s is not usually the best way to test their full potential, so I am going to recommend some places so that you can enjoy the sound quality of your headphones (or headphones, as they are called in various countries).

We start with the best: Tidal’s list. Tidal is like a spotify but with superior audio quality. It is ideal for those who can listen to the smallest details of the music, and they have a list in this link specially designed to be able to listen to sounds and tests that will help distinguish bad headphones from good ones.

Spotify also has a similar list. It is available at this link, and there we can listen from stereo to surround sounds (in 360 degrees), to verify if the quality and the anti-noise effect is as promised during the purchase.

In both lists there is not always pleasant music, many times they are sound effects for test headphones, not to enjoy relaxed the best compositions in the history of art.

On there is a list of tracks that we can reproduce for the same purpose. They are from various sources, received by a specialized medium in the world of audio.

And if what you want is to verify the quality of the three-dimensional sound (although it depends more on the recording microphones than on the headphones themselves), here are some must-see videos for those who use headphones:

If you have more resources of this type, do not forget to put them on our social networks.

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