How to transform your website into PWA in a few minutes

A PWA web page allows mobile users to install it on their devices as if it were an application, which makes loading much faster, since there are many items that are saved on the mobile or computer and do not load again. every time we visit.

That’s right, a PWA website is installable, keeping the same version always on desktop, Android and iOS.

Among the advantages it has:

– Offline Access: The website is intelligently cached on users’ devices so that they can load and browse your site, even without a connection or with a slow connection.

– Pages and resources are previously obtained according to user behavior. If there is a 90% chance that a user will click on the next article, that article is intelligently retrieved so that it loads instantly.

– Images are resized transparently and the correct size is served to the appropriate device. Telephones recover a 256 × 256 icon while laptops recover the 1024 × 1024 version, improving performance and saving bandwidth.

– JavaScript, CSS, and static images are minimized, optimized, and can be hosted globally on a CDN, improving speed and SEO.

– New content and updates to your website are continuously detected and delivered to users, even when the application is closed.

Generally, it is necessary to do a good programming job to transform a website into PWA, but a few hours ago we tested the wonders of, a website from which we have already received the invitation.

It is a project that transforms any website into a PWA in just two steps:

– Upload a javascript file on the desired website – Put a line of code in the HTML header (head)

Once this is done, users will see a small icon when browsing the web, inviting their installation in the form of PWA. We, as administrators, will see the accesses from a very simple control panel.

The installation has been very fast, less than five minutes, and the subscription is free for websites with less than 10,000 visits per month. We have tried it with one of our clients and they have all been satisfied.

They are still delivering the invitations (we asked for it in March), but if you already put your data, you can be the following.

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