How to use Telegram as a site to store unlimited files

We have already made clear repeatedly that the benefits of using Telegram are countless, and this time that will not be an exception, thanks to another useful tool that we can take advantage of easily and for free.

We are talking about the possibility of storing files natively within Telegram, which Obviously I know that it can be achieved, and therefore make your life easier when it comes to talking about cloud storage.

It should be noted that of course, the intention of the app is not a complete replacement for those storage sites, as well as Google Drive, Amazon Drive or Dropbox. However, it has a real way to save and access files at no cost, something that is little known by users.

To get straight to the point, the Telegram cloud is nothing more than a chat that you will have to have with yourselves, where you can send all the files you want, which turns out to be quite useful for personal use and at specific times. Regarding the size of the files that you want to share, there will be a limit of up to 2 GB. Are you interested in knowing how this is done? Pay attention.

The simplest method to carry out this objective is, as we already mentioned, by using a chat with yourselves. using tags to classify content, or in any case, enter Starred Messages section, where you can already give the green light to do what you want. If this process is not for you, there is also the option to create a private channel, and this is accomplished by doing the following:

– Enter the Telegram app.

– Click on the pencil icon located in the lower right, or failing that in the upper right corner if you have an iOS mobile.

– Click on the New channel tab.

– Write a name and add a photo if you want to be your channel and save all changes.

– Select the option of private or public according to your needs and voila, the process will be finished.

– Upload the files by putting hashtags that indicate the type of file in question. You can create a channel for each category, and within them, use hashtags to make it easy to find the file by clicking on each one.

If you prefer to use bots, pay attention, because there is a bot called @filetobotbot to store files and organize by folders.

Finally, we can only say that despite being an option that can save you on more than one occasion, if what you need is to have good space to store your things for free, the ideal would be that you acquire a complete and specialized service for that, as is the case with all the options that we present to you in this special post. What is your favorite option?

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