How to use Telegram to boost online marketing

Telegram is a messaging platform that has experienced sustained growth over the last few years. Thanks to this good positioning acquired, it has even positioned itself as the main alternative to WhatsApp.

In addition to providing the traditional instant messaging service, Telegram has mass dissemination tools that can be very useful when implementing digital marketing strategies.

Telegram as a tool to learn about marketing

When proposing a comprehensive digital marketing plan, it is necessary to consider the use of certain resources, tools and platforms available among a large offer available on the web.

The email marketing stands out among the possible methods. Considering that email boxes are the backbone of an important part of our digital activity, a well-formulated campaign can bring excellent results.

In Telegram, you can access educational and informative material through its open spaces for dissemination, such as its channels. Returning to the previous example, if you are looking to keep up with tips and the main news in the world of email marketing, you can get instant updates through the Email Marketing Channel at from Acrelia News.

Telegram channels as a tool to enhance marketing strategies

The Telegram channel previously linked as an example is an excellent proof of how powerful this tool is in practice. These instances provided by the platform are extremely useful, since this tool was designed to distribute content to a large audience.

These channels work in a similar way to WhatsApp groups, but with a substantial difference in the defined control over the ability to send messages within these spaces. This function is exclusively restricted to channel administrators, who can publish on behalf of the represented brand.

Unlike a group, the members of a channel are called subscribers. One point in favor of safeguarding sensitive information, such as the telephone number of each subscriber, is that the list of subscribed accounts is not public and only the total number of subscribers is visible.

For the positioning and growth of a brand, the dissemination of content related to it, whatever its area, is essential. An important advantage associated with the use of Telegram channels for these purposes is that the transmission of shared messages does not necessarily have to be done in real time. There are multiple tools that can be linked to Telegram to automate the distribution of digital material.

For example, tools such as IFTTT allow you to automate the publication of messages that announce each new update published on a social network or each time a new article is published on a blog.

To strengthen ties with your audience, be it for the resolution of doubts, for the attention of commercial situations and even to respond to a greeting, you can also optionally enable a nested comment box with each publication.

At the official level, Telegram has a complete introductory guide in Spanish about its channels, which ranges from tips for its basic use, to advanced indications for its optimized use.

Bots and other third-party tools, to boost marketing strategies in Telegram

The possibilities of automating content in Telegram channels are more extensive than those provided by the previous example, which is one among many.

Another instance of great value for digital marketing in this messaging platform are the bots, officially presented and defined on the Telegram website.

To create a bot, all you need is to have access to an account of this messaging service, but to provide it with functions, it is necessary to link an external tool that provides new dynamics.

BotFather is Telegram’s master bot. It is a tool provided by the same platform. It is accessed from the application’s browser and from there, it is possible to create new bots and manage those previously configured. All you have to do is write the / newbot command in the chat and provide the requested credentials, to obtain an API key as a response that will be used to establish a link between the bot and the external tool that drives it.

The simplest example to start with is Manybot, as it runs within a chat window and allows you to configure various modes of use with step-by-step guides and in Spanish. Similarly, other tools, free and paid, can also be used under a similar dynamic.

The key is to efficiently take advantage of marketing instances

Telegram has no less than 500 million active users, according to its most recent balance. However, those numbers are not the real key to success.

That the platform is powerful is a good precedent to bet on its use, but the construction and loyalty of an audience with the content of a brand depends on a well-planned marketing strategy, with quality content, respecting the appropriate formats and with the support of a growth and positioning strategy tailored to the platforms used and the audience to which the message is directed.

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