How to use the GTA V iFruit app on your Android mobile

Within GTA V each character can perform a lot of actions through their smartphones. So to increase the level of customization a little more, the same company Rockstar Games created an application called iFruit, available for iOS and Android and that has a lot of options to make the most of the game.

Below we will explain the step by step to enjoy this app on your mobile along with its most important features.

After downloading this tool on your mobile (at the end of the article you will see the link for free), you should follow these instructions:

– The first thing you should do is log in or create an account at Rockstar Social Club, in case you don’t have one. – Click on log in once the above process is finished, to then select what type of console you will connect to, be it PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PC. Make sure to sync your PSN or Xbox Live account well and voila, the setup will be completed.

As your mobile is already linked to the account that is inside your video game console, there and only there, you can start using what the app offers within the game’s story mode. The first is that you can make several options within the Chop The Dog app, which clearly involves Chop, Franklin’s canine friend.

In a kind of mini-games, you will have to feed, play and make Chop happy, in addition to teaching him tricks and educating him to perform different actions within Grand Theft Auto V itself, not to mention that this will cause Franklin to get a better relationship with Chop.

On the other hand, you can enter LS Customs, another application that will give you the possibility of making modifications to the vehicles of each character. These modifications include the change the engine, brakes, wheels, among other things. You can also create your own plates and place what you want so that each vehicle has your touch.

The number of variety of things is certainly not large. What can you do from this iFruit application?, but it is something that any true lover of the game will find striking and interesting to try.

Here is the link for you to download this app on your mobile from the App Store or Play Store:

iFruit: for iOSiFruit: for Android

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