How to watch Netflix from outside the United States


With the launch of the new Intellectual Property Law, there are many users who are looking for some kind of legal alternative to be able to watch movies at a not too excessive price. The problem is that in our country there are no conditions, so we have to resort to foreign platforms. Netflix It is one of the most recommended options.

Enter its official website Well, anyway, they will not let you in, since the service is not available in our country. However, you can do one modification to your browser Google Chrome to connect from a location that is in the same country. This way you will cheat the system and you will be able to see the contents that are available. Of payment, of course.

So you can watch Netflix from Spain

Already have Google Chrome installed? Then follow the next steps to be able Watch Netflix from Spain:

  • Download the extension ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN and install it in the browser.
  • In the new screen that will appear, enter your email address.
  • Click on the extension icon, which will be located at the top right.
  • Click on Change Location and click on United States.

Done this, you will already be browsing through an address in the United States. In fact, if you enter the official Netflix website, the content that will be shown to you will be completely different.

At the moment, the ZenMax Privacy & VPN plugin is gratuitous but, as they say in the extension itself, it will only be during the launch phase. Take advantage now, we do not know if it will be paid soon. Also do not forget that the plugin should work regardless of the operating system you have.

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