How to zap on Netflix

Surely many of you will remember that time when we sat on the sofa with the TV remote control in hand and began to jump from channel to channel without looking for anything specific.

It was a typical routine when there was no Internet and the wonders of streaming were not known. Times have changed a lot, yes, but there are people who still miss that mental vacuum generated by the famous zapping, that state of absorption of image and sound without concentrating on arguments.

The fact is that now it can be done with Netflix, but there is a problem: it only works in the web browser, so at the moment it cannot be used on Smart TVs.

It is a plugin for Chrome called NetFelix: Channer Surf Netflix. We just have to configure it at the beginning to indicate the country we are in and the type of content we want to see. Once this is done, one title after another will begin to play, a few seconds each, as shown in this sample browsing session:

It’s a Chrome extension developed during a weekend hackathon in 2020 by Foundry Stack. The application changes channels randomly, and allows you to change to a completely random point in a random show, or set it to ‘Auto’ mode to scroll automatically.

If we like a program we are watching, we just have to open the extension and press ‘Stop Surfing’ to continue watching the current program.

Features include: jumping to random shows / episodes at random times using manual or automatic mode. Also ability to filter adult content or lower rating.

An original idea, without a doubt.

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