Hybri: The new AR application that will allow you to create the virtual companion for you

Those who had the opportunity to witness Blade Runner 2049 are likely to remember Detective K’s holographic girlfriend who was the companion and romantic interest of the protagonist.

Well, on this same premise, although with a scope not as sophisticated as seen in that movie, we get Hybri, an application for smartphones whose operation has taken Mixed Reality to a disturbing level, by allowing us to carry out the scanning of images of real people to generate the avatar’s face.

Unlike Blade Runner 2049, the avatars generated in Hybri are shown on the screen of a smartphone instead of seeing them walking in real size through our apartment. It is anticipated that its launch could take place in the next few years, if the financing campaign they are preparing is successful.

In this sense, Hybri defines the virtual partner as A fully customizable virtual replica of a humanoid where the user first selects a basic avatar model and then personalizes it and adjusts it to their wishes.

According to what is published on the Hybri website, through this application users can have the opportunity to modify the face of their avatar as well as their hairstyle, physical appearance, voice and even their personality.

How does Hybri work?

At the moment the application is started by the user, an artificial intelligence is activated in charge of detecting the appropriate model for you through the formulation of a few questions in which, depending on the level of customization that your model has, it can miss your presence or argue with you. You can establish a conversation with your avatar all day and even give him orders, you are the one who decides.

Later, you will have the opportunity to move the avatar to your home using the AR or also take it to the VR plane to have a virtual date there, there is an option for adults.

The feeling doesn’t end there, as Hybri boasts what might be its creepiest feature, its Photoscan, a feature that lets you assign a replica of a real person’s face to your avatar. Thanks to this, many people could take advantage of this function to turn an unrequited love or their favorite celebrity into their virtual partner.

It is important to note that Hybri has not only been developed for sexual purposes, as the application can also be used to build an ideal friend or rebuild the look of a loved one who is no longer with us.

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