Hypernotes, to create and share knowledge in the same organization

The Zenkit suite of productivity and collaboration applications just launched Hypernotes, its alternative to sequential writing tools such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word and similar, so that companies can have their own unified space, in which each of the different members can contribute and update their knowledge for the benefit of all, based on in the use of schemes and bidirectional links to facilitate access to the information that is needed at all times.

It is currently in a closed beta phase, and until its final launch, new functions and improvements in the user interface will be arriving, according to what they tell us, although those interested can enter what is the fourth application of the Zenkit suite through this invitation link, for which they must also create their Zenkit accounts or, if they already have one, use them.

Combining everyone’s knowledge in one place

The idea, basically, consists of the creation of notebooks, on which the members will be able to add different pages to hold notes (content formatting, links, and even images, among other elements, are supported), tasks and comments, being generated at their own expense. Once a knowledge graph from which the corresponding links can also be established.

Another function currently available is automated suggestions when adding new content in order to connect related notes that are not yet linked.

For better organization, it also allows dividing topics into small sub-topics and integrating text blocks to avoid the use of duplicate content.

According to his manifesto:

Our goal is for Hypernotes to increase the read: write ratio in the organization’s documentation, to ensure that people are actually reading what has been written. This is accomplished through effective outlines and references that allow users to quickly navigate to important information. We want Hypernotes to help prepare your organization for the future

Currently, Hypernotes is accessible both through the web and through its applications for the desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) and for mobile devices (Android and iOS).

It is available for free, although it has an optional payment plan, and can be used independently or in combination with the other applications in the Zenkit suite.

In addition, its servers are located in European territory, being compatible with the current European personal data protection law.

Image Credit: Zenkit

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