If each edition of Wikipedia generated a sound, this would be the song

Every second Wikipedia receives thousands of updates in various languages. Some are small, such as spelling or grammar corrections, others are medium, such as adding a paragraph including something relevant to some character, and others are huge, such as new page constructions that only had a title.

The fact is that there is someone who has created a project so that we can listen to the updates, generating a sound for each of them in real time.

After 20 years of life, Wikipedia has become one of the most important websites on the planet, and Mahmoud Hashemi wanted to celebrate the date with a real-time auralization of the growth of Wikipedia, one edition at a time. The site is literally self explanatory.

The project has been created with fellow developer Stephen LaPorte, and between the two of them they decided to make the smaller editions louder and the larger editions lower, to let it be known that all users make noise, that each edition has a voice. in the world of information.

When entering the web we will see circles with data from the edited page. Green circles are anonymous edits and purple circles are bots. The white circles are registered users.

Listen to Wikipedia is available at, where we can see how a large number of names appear and disappear in a few seconds, recording an impressive rate of information that circulates among the largest encyclopedia in the world.

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