If you have a Huawei without Google, pay attention to this new threat

Most android phones have the Google app store, but there are others that cannot have this store, such as Amazon tablets or the latest Huawei phones, devices that have to resort to other stores to install their apps. favorites.

That has never been a problem, since many of the apps are offered as apk files on the Internet, so stores of this type only have to pay attention to the latest versions of each app and be careful not to publish anything that has malware.

The problem appears when it is one of the stores that has malware, and that is what has happened with the famous APKpure.

Kaspersky has detected the problem in version 3.17.18 of the APKpure app, there was malicious code that could put unwanted ads on mobile and showing subscription links to premium services, as well as making it easier to download apps that contain more viruses.

The problem, which has been fixed with version 3.17.19, came because a new SDK was added from an unverified source.

The included malware is adware type. Ad is ad, in English, so we can already imagine what we are talking about: popups, links all over the place, ads even in the soup … the moment the developers used code from an unverified source, they opened the doors for said source to introduce anything, even without the developers knowing about it.

The problem is that this malware is extremely aggressive, it is capable of subscribing by itself to paid services, so if you notice any strange movement of money, block the card and analyze the case carefully. If you also have an old android, it is possible that the malware has been installed in a partition of the system, so it will not be enough to update to the latest version of APKpure, you will still have to format the entire device by putting it in factory mode again.

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