If you receive an email with an emoji, do not open it, it is a virus

When surfing the net, one of the most latent threats to which we are always unconsciously exposed are dark side hackers and online scammers, who are always one step ahead of us devising new ways to deceive us to obtain access to our most sensitive data.

In this sense, the existence of an email has been discovered whose content only includes an emoji guiding the eye without any accompanying words; nothing more than a simple compressed zip file.

However, despite the simplicity of this email, many people have unsuspectingly made the mistake of opening it, thereby causing the virus to be installed.

In general, when phishing scams are carried out on the network, they replicate real services with the intention of obtaining personal information from the user. This is how phishing can appeal to the sending of a malicious email camouflaged with formal content that refers to an entity or body such as banks, online stores such as Amazon or also through a notification that indicates to the user that they have received a package. , then inviting you to click on a link to be directed to the false page of the messenger to confirm your shipment. For all these cases, cybercriminals always try to recreate the malicious email as closely as possible to the type of email sent by the company or entity to which it refers.

However, always in this type of emails the content has details that expose its malicious intent, such as a misspelled word, a meaningless phrase or a logo that does not correspond to those officially used by the impersonated company.

On the other hand, there is a malicious botnet called Phorpiex, designed with the purpose of infecting computers through the sending of phishing emails, which also favors the performance of other forms of malware such as Grandcrab (virus used to hijack your PC), pony, a malware designed to steal credentials, the Trojan Pushdo and other types of viruses that, in some cases, infect computers with the aim of turning them into cryptocurrency mining centers.

This is how Phorpiex It represents a true Pandora’s box loaded with malicious malware that can cause great damage to the systems of the computers it manages to infect.

Curiosity as the key to the success of the virus

Through the security consultancy Check Point it was learned that last June there was an accelerated increase in the number of reports alluding to this virus, causing its effectiveness to climb from 13th to 2nd in a single month.

The success in its propagation lies in the sending of emails that, although they lack sophistication in their design, appeal to a quality rooted in human nature that favors their performance: curiosity.

In the case of the mail with the emoji and the zip file, its origin is still unknown. However, Check Point has managed to discover cases where the mail comes from an address corresponding to another contact who has been previously infected.

In the end, the only thing that we can recommend if you find yourself with this malicious email in your tray, is that you do not give in to the temptation to open it, since it is quite likely that you will not find the photos you were waiting for, but a collection of viruses that you were waiting for. They will cause a real disaster on your computer while your personal data is extracted.

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