Image of Giga Berlin, the great Tesla factory in Europe

Elon Musk has posted an image of Giga Berlin on his Twitter account, and there are already thousands of people commenting on it.

We are talking about the first Tesla factory in Europe, a construction that has not been able to advance as would have been desired, since it has had many problems lately, but it seems that the project continues and there is already a design that we can enjoy.

For the construction of the Tesla factory, several permits are necessary, which have not been easy to obtain, and they are not all there yet, but the virtual image (it is a computer-created design) is there, and the forecast date remains for July 2021.

The goal is that the Tesla Model Y for Europeans (and later the Model 3) will be manufactured there, in a factory with solar panels on the roof (it could not be different with Tesla), and discrete ventilation systems. Tesla reports that they have the best and most advanced paint shops in the world. By the way, although they had foreseen it, in the end it seems that batteries will not be manufactured in that factory.

It is only the first phase of the factory, it is expected to be larger in the future, but it seems that in this first phase it already has, according to Elon Musk, a swimming pool upstairs and a party room.

Initially the height was going to be 15 meters, but due to the terrain they have had to lower it to 9. Environmental groups have also requested some changes, such as reducing the amount of water needed from day to day.

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