Images made with 16 million RGB colors

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Images with all colors? Surely you are thinking of a landscape of flowers or something similar, but even such a photograph does not take full advantage of your monitor.

Now finally someone has decided to look for the limit of the amount of different colors that we can represent in a single image, with artistic results that can make us rediscover the meaning of color. As we see in Joco’s blog post, he first started by writing an algorithm that created full-color images of a 15-bit RGB color depth. The result is 256128 pixel resolution images to get 32,000 pixels each of a color.

In the gif we can see how these images were created.

Images with all colors

The next step was to create images with a 18-bit color depth, in 512 512 pixel images for a total of 260,000 pixels. The program took tens of minutes to render them, but with some optimization, it now achieves this in a few seconds.

The 21-bit color depth it was the next step, but that were already bigger words: 2048 x 1024 p images. with 2 million pixels each. Even optimizing the code some took 8 hours to render.

But this is where we start to see more and more beautiful creations, depending on the type of growth. In this YouTube video you can see the results, although it must be taken into account that even in the best possible quality let’s lose some colors by compression. Despite everything, it is very beautiful.

But the real challenge comes when we get to the 24-bit color depth, which is known as real color, for being what most resembles what our eye can see in nature.

It is the maximum that most monitors and cameras reach the average user, although the operating systems and certain hardware have 30, 32 and 48 bit support.

The 24-bit color depth images achieved with the algorithm have a resolution of 40964096 pixels, for a total of 16 million pixels.

Not only is the size enormous, but this allows creations that we could look at for hours and never tire of. Unfortunately, its weight is so large (50 MB) that what we present here are reduced and compressed versions in jpg; You can see the original images on the blog of its creator.

We can always generate our own images thanks to the fact that the algorithm has been released under the GPL license by its creator.

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