In addition to Meet, Google is also working to integrate Chat into the Gmail app

In the absence of Google massively rolling out the Meet integration within the Gmail application for Android and iOS, as promised last month, we now know that Google wants to go further to continue turning the Gmail mobile application into a unified application for users. the comunications.

In this sense, 9to5Google has decompiled the most recent version of Gmail for Android, uploaded today to the Play Store, finding evidence in the source code about the future integration of Chat within the application.

Chat is the new text messaging service called to replace the current Hangouts, as Google has already advanced a long time ago. More precisely, Google plans to integrate the Chat and Rooms function within the Gmail mobile application. Chat is intended for 1: 1 conversations while Rooms are intended for group conversations.

In addition, the evidence shows that these services will also distinguish between users who use private accounts from those who use business accounts. This suggests that Google also intends to offer a free version of Chat for users of private accounts, to the detriment of Hangouts, something that the aforementioned medium hopes will happen sooner rather than later.

And when it comes to Meet, there is also evidence of greater integration, in which there will also be account distinction. In fact, there will also be introductory prompts, which will appear to users depending on the type of accounts they use.

As we have already seen, there are several integrations that Google has been carrying out in Gmail, so the most logical thing is that both the web version and the mobile applications of Gmail go hand in hand in functions.

It is obvious that users will have to get used to these integrations, although Google will also offer the possibility of deactivating these services in the application if we do not want to have conversations or meetings through it, although the idea, as we have already commented at the time, is that of having all the elements in the same application, using the different services according to our needs, without having to switch between applications.

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