In China they force to scan the face when they acquire a SIM

If you are in China and want to buy a new phone number, buy a SIM for your mobile, you will have to scan your face so that it is registered in the government database.

That's right, we already know that the Chinese government loves facial recognition, in fact they manage to advance a lot in this sector thanks to their weak privacy policy, feeding artificial intelligence systems with millions of faces of people who do not have to give authorization for their use. use.

It is now mandatory for people in China to scan their face when signing a new mobile data connection contract, a law that was first announced in September by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and that on December 1 came into effect. Before the law, people in China only had to provide a copy of their ID card to get a new cell contract.

The government indicates that it is a step to protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens in cyberspace, who want to stop identity theft and the resale of SIM cards, and for this to have the face of the owner can be a good idea.

The concern is that the government is using the data to suppress the rights of ethnic minorities, although at the moment they are only using the data for authentication in daily services in the country, such as payments, subway trips and the approval of loans. (at least these are the uses that have been made public).

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