In response to Dropbox's "Infinite" project, Infinit launches the "Dropboxe" project

There are several important companies in the sector of storage and distribution of files in the cloud: dropbox, Box, OneDrive (microsoft), Google Drive, Infinit … The latter we have discussed on several occasions, it is a solution that uses P2P technology to send files from one end to another without depending on central servers.

A few days ago Dropbox commented that they were working on a project called Infinite, thanks to which we could see our account files on our computer without taking up hard disk space. The goal is simple: to allow content to be found only on servers and constantly synchronized transparent copies to be made when the user so chooses.

The case is that the Infinit company has not been able to resist the temptation, and has presented its Dropboxe project, although in reality it is not anything new and it is a way of drawing attention to its own solution, similar to the one that Dropbox shows with your Infinite.

Infinit allows access to files from various sources and, without depending on central servers, it displays them on our computer without taking up space, as if it were an additional unit, something that they explain in detail in Infinit also has a solution in to send heavy files using P2P, a solution that cannot be confused with the aforementioned platform.

Let's see now if this name war ends well, or if the lawyers must begin to deal with the matter.

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