Inbox by Gmail becomes more efficient to use with its three new features

Image: One of the new Inbox features

Inbox (by Gmail) will now have three new features focused on improving the user experience, allowing you greater efficiency and control when accessing and reviewing your email messages.

First of all, instead of having to read individually all those email messages that are arriving concerning a specific event, now Inbox does it for users to offer them all the information they have in a unified and updated way.

Behind this feature is the same technology that tracks restaurant, flight, hotel and car reservation messages and turns it into a pack that includes all the information that is available in a unified way.The second feature points to newsletters. In this sense, instead of having different email messages belonging to those newsletters to which you are subscribed, Inbox will now allow you to preview the latest articles available from them, allowing you to click on each one to read them. .

The idea, basically, is to put more order to the email messages of the newsletters within Inbox, offering an even more efficient experience. In this sense, Google is working with more popular newsletters and continue to expand its base of supported newsletters so that there is no mess chaos within Inbox.

Lastly, there is the launch of Save to Inbox, a new feature that will allow users to save the links of those contents they wish to access later, Pocket-style and the like, avoiding them having to compose messages to send themselves separately.

When accessing said links, users will find them in a grouped form in one place. Users will be able to use the new feature both on Android and iOS as well as through the new extension for Chrome Inbox by Gmail.

In addition to being able to save links, users will also have the possibility to share them with other users.

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