Innoget – Scientists and technologists collaborating on common goals

Companies, research centers, scientists, researchers, inventors and technology companies connected to share innovation.

This is how Innoget is presented, a content network created for the scientific and technological community with the aim of creating a space for collaboration and contact between these groups.

Each user can collaborate with three different tools:

Challenges: Through Challenges, companies receive proposals for their technological demands from an international network of experts

IBox-in: Through an IBox-in, companies capture innovative ideas, patents, products and technologies.

IBox-out: Through an IBox-out, organizations publicize their patents, technologies and innovative products to establish collaboration projects or commercial agreements with other organizations.

David Rfols is the director and co-founder. Before joining Innoget, he worked as a technology advisor at CIDEM, the innovation agency of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Previously, David held the position of technical director of the Chupa Chups company and previously he was part of the Research and Development team of the Danone company.

Thanks Denys by the link.

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