Instagram adds automatic captions to stories

A new feature is popping up in Instagram Stories. Following the same dynamic that we have already seen in other services that offer accessibility functions, Instagram is opening the possibility of adding subtitles.

A function that will work automatically once the corresponding sticker is activated.

New function to add subtitles to Instagram stories

As mentioned by Matt Navarra on Twitter, Instagram already shows a new sticker that activates the dynamics of the automatic subtitles in the videos that are shared in the stories.

The dynamics to apply this new function is simple, since it is only necessary to follow the same steps that we use with the rest of the stickers. Once you create your story, you look for the Captions sticker to enable all the options to customize the subtitles for your video.

In the video that Navarra shares, you can see up to four different styles that combine different texts and sizes, but there is also the color palette available. So depending on the background shown in the video, you can choose a font color that is readable for everyone.

Once you configure this detail, Instagram will do the rest by automatically activating the subtitles by transcribing the audio. An excellent option so that all users can follow your stories, even those who have hearing problems.

At the moment, this function seems to be available to a few users, so it is not yet known if it is one of the many Instagram tests or a feature that is gradually being extended to all users. So we will have to wait to see how accurate this new subtitle system that Instagram offers can be.

On the other hand, another detail that has not yet been confirmed is whether this new Instagram feature will only be available in English, or will other languages ​​be included in its launch.

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