Instagram already allows moderating comments and giving preference to our friends

Option to include words that should not appear in the comments

After several announcements over the past few weeks, the new version of Instagram already allows comments to be moderated, just like it does with company accounts.

Kevin Systrom, its CEO (yes, the CEO of Instagram is different from the CEO of Facebook, since although it is owned by Facebook, it maintains some independence) today presents a function that will automatically filter and delete offensive comments, being necessary for This means that the user defines keywords that will not be allowed in his feed.

All users, from all countries, can now decide which words should not appear in the comments of their photos, and if any of them appear, the comment will be blocked. In the options icon of our profile we will have this tool, available for us to include as many offensive words as we want.

It also includes a default word list, although at any time we can edit it to suit what we expect from the comments of our followers.

Of course, it is still possible to delete comments and report inappropriate comments, as well as block accounts of those who enjoy playing troll with our profiles.

It will also include, shortly (they have not informed the term), the option for us to see the comments of our friends first, thus giving more control over the content that we want to highlight among the section of said comments.

The new version of Instagram will be available starting today. Stay tuned for the update.

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