Instagram Lite is now available globally for download

Instagram Lite started as a trial in 2018 and its availability was later expanded to only a few countries.

Today, the lightweight Instagram application is available for download from anywhere in the world.

New version of Instagram Lite, available to everyone

Originally, this version of the app was designed for markets where connection speeds are not the best. Just as there is a lightweight version of Facebook, the company decided to release a web version of its other social network, which even brings support for Reels.

The application was released for use in 170 countries, including Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

With this app, the initial size 30MB of the normal version of the app (which later grows steadily with the data used) is compressed, to only 2MB of weight for the Lite version, which can even work on 2G networks.

The experience promised by this app is complete, contemplating the visualization of photos and videos of your contacts, whether these posts, reels, stories, direct messages or from the Explore section.

For markets such as India, in which TikTok is banned, this app opens a great door to consolidate Instagram and the use of Reels.

Initially, the light version of the Instagram application had certain limitations. One of the most serious was the omission of messaging tools, thus restricting the ability to access Direct messages. However, this new version released globally addresses this shortcoming and integrates this function.

Expansion of a successful initiative

Last year, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that this Lite version was designed to give people a high-quality experience regardless of device or network quality, but did not elaborate on how different it is from the previous version.

The initial deployment of Instagram Lite in 2018 was concentrated in Africa, South Asia and Latin America. As an achievement, it stood out as one of the 20 best social applications downloaded from the Play Store in Mexico, Peru and the Philippines, which makes this launch significant, now globally.

Instagram Lite can be downloaded for free from the Play Store, a site from which to date, the app has been downloaded more than 10 million times. This version only has an edition for Android and although its operation may look a little more crude, it fully fulfills the mission of bringing us the most complete user experience of Instagram, but only using a fraction of the system resources that originally required. the original app.

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