Instagram Reels will start showing ads

At this point, we shouldn’t be surprised by the announcement that Reels, the rival to Instagram’s TikTok, start having adsOverall, it is the main revenue stream for Facebook Inc., the parent company.

From Instagram they point out that The ads in Reels will initially arrive in the test phase in India, Brazil, Germany and Australia, although with the intention of expanding to other markets over time.

It is a logical step that should not be surprising.

Unlike ads in Stories, Users will be able to interact with Reels ads as one more video content, and may even skip them, in addition to viewing them, making comments on them, sharing them with other contacts, or even saving them if necessary, or what is the same, practically almost the same thing that TikTok users can do with the ads they receive.

It will already be a matter of Reels being right with the ads that it takes to users, for which it must also use the same visual language, as if they were videos of particular creators.

Sticky Ads for Facebook Stories

On the other hand, Facebook has also introduced the preview of sticky ads for Facebook Stories, which for now will be in the hands of selected advertisers and creators, although the idea is that creators can have a part of the income generated through them.

Users will notice that They are sticky ads since they will have the sponsored label displayed in a fairly discreet way, being able to use them to buy the products that are promoted in them.

For now, it is unknown what the level of acceptance of the new adhesives will be, although with a distribution of the income with the creators for the sales that occur, lead to more than one Facebook user being encouraged to improve their visibility on the platform, trying to increase the number of contacts and followers, to try to become a influencer, in order to get more income from the use of these stickers.

Time will tell if even the picaresque will appear in order to get more money for the use of these new stickers in the Facebook Stories.

For now they are in the testing phase, although we can understand that Facebook will be able to take all possible precautions to prevent the smartest people from managing to obtain more income, as has happened in some other platforms that were opened at the time. to allow individuals to earn extra money.

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