Instagram starts another test with global likes

Something as apparently innocent as the likes are has become an obsession for a large group of users of social networks, and especially of networks like Instagram, where there are those who want to accumulate the maximum number of possible likes in their publications, as well as the number of followers, becoming capable of everything possible to achieve these objectives.

Instagram is aware of the importance of regulating the use of likes to avoid the appearance of extreme situations, but without affecting the public figures that maintain commercial relationships with brands within the platform.

It is committed to offering more control options

So after trying the hiding of the likes in public, although this data had it all the users, including the so-called influencers, available privately, the platform has now announced the arrival of a small global test in which users are offered three options in regards to your experience with the likes on the platform.

This test will cause selected users to choose between: not see counts of likes on anyone’s posts, turn off likes for your own posts, or keep the original experience.

With this, the users They will have more control options, avoiding unnecessary situations within the platform, according to their preferences, although at the moment the intention of the company to expand this test to all users is unknown, with which the results will indicate whether or not the new control options will finally reach the rest of the users.

Facebook, owner of Instagram, has also been conducting similar tests on its main platform, hiding in 2019 the likes of the publications along with other activity data, although at the moment it is unknown if the test that now starts on Instagram will also be available. to take to your main platform.

To all this, from Facebook they promise to learn from the new test that they have just started on Instagram, and they even already warn that they will soon share more information about it, so we will have to be attentive to the next steps that the social media giant can take to protect users with more controls and other tools that facilitate healthy participation.

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