Instagram will allow influencers and creators to sell products in the app

Instagram announced a series of changes for those who want to have access to the Instagram Shopping functions, which not only involves new requirements, but also opens the doors to new beneficiaries.

This new dynamic seeks to be more transparent in the commercial requirements that they request, and at the same time, it makes it easier for influencers and creators to also join this sales modality from the same application.

Instagram has long installed this model for brands and companies to sell their physical products on the platform. If you like a garment or an item on Instagram from a brand that went through the Instagram Shopping process, you will find options and initial information to start the purchase process from the same application.

And from the next update, content creators or influencers may apply a similar dynamic even if they do not market physical products, as long as they meet the new eligibility requirements. Among them, having an authentic presence on the platform. And of course, here your Instagram audience will be a key piece to demonstrate this, although they have not mentioned a specific number of followers as a requirement.

Those interested in the Buy on Instagram function will also have to meet other more technical requirements so that the user’s shopping experience is transparent, for example, that sales are registered from a verifiable own domain. On the other hand, the Instagram team has also promised to be clearer in the feedback it gives to users who do not qualify for the program, and thus have the opportunity to apply the necessary changes.

This update on Instagram Shopping will begin to be implemented from July 9.

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