Instagram will apply new guidelines for closing abusive user accounts

Instagram does not want users to repeat their abusive behaviors, which is why the social platform is working on guidelines that guarantee greater effectiveness when it comes to eliminating the accounts of these users. Until now, Instagram has had some broad sleeves allowing a number of abusive behaviors over a period of time, something that, as pointed out in EngadgetThis has allowed greater tolerance for those who publish more often. The new guidelines, to be applied soon, seek to treat all users equally, both those who publish a lot and those who do not, being the same yardstick for everyone.

To avoid abusive behaviors

Instagram has not wanted to report how many abusive behaviors will have to occur and in what period of time, to proceed with the closure of those accounts, wanting to prevent malicious users from taking advantage of the new guidelines to continue committing abusive behaviors with total impunity. the new guidelines will be more consistent, in seeking to ensure that users respect community standards of behavior. In addition, the social platform has also pointed out that soon it will be possible for users to appeal those publications that have been deleted, having the proper tools available directly from the application itself.In the background, Instagram seeks to make users feel safe within their own platform, something already very common in many social platforms known to the general public, that due to this greater adoption, there will always be a number of users who can commit a series of abuses that must be curbed. They are exclusive to the platforms with the highest user adoption, since they are also taking place on some emerging social platforms, although for the time being they are very specific cases.

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