Instagram works on a new tool to automatically filter abusive direct messages

On Instagram it is easy to send direct messages to any user, although they always stay in a more hidden area waiting to be approved or not. The fact is that this function opens the doors to abuses of all kinds, and on Instagram they want to do their part to solve it, although only for celebrities and public figures.

This is a new tool that allows users to automatically filter direct message requests that contain offensive words, phrases, and emojis.

They want users with many daily direct messages to be able to avoid opening all of them and having to read things that cause damage, for this they can filter them a priori so that they disappear without the need to moderate individually.

In February, Instagram said it would begin disabling the accounts of users who send multiple harassing messages, and years ago, in 2018, the company expanded its offensive comment filter to automatically block comments that attack a person’s appearance or character. person.

This new filter can be activated or deactivated in a new section of the application called hidden words. When enabled, offensive messages will be sent to a separate folder. Direct messages in this folder are hidden, allowing users to navigate through messages without having to read what they say. Of course, if a user accesses a message, they can read it, delete it or report it.

To create the list of offensive phrases, they have worked with leading organizations in the fight against discrimination and harassment, although this list can be customized so that what we want is filtered.

On the date and the countries, there is not much data, Instagram said that the new function will be rolled out in several countries in the coming weeks, with plans to expand in the future to more places.

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