Install Chrome with emoji support, now also on Mac

Install Chrome with emoji support, now also on Mac

If you are a Chrome user on OS X, you may have never seen an emoji. This is one of the most famous bugs in Google’s browser, which for some strange reason had not been solved for years. Until now, with the arrival of Chrome with emoji support.

Chrome with emoji support, finally

Finally, last month Google developers decided close the bug It had been bothering their Mac users for so long. When they found an emoji on the web, they only saw a square without further explanation, missing details of the conversation. Emojis are increasingly used in forums and chats as the evolution of classic emoticons, with more colors and possibilities, but also with its controversial part.

To see emojis in Chrome on OS X we will have to install the Canary latest version (unstable) browser; If you can wait, you don’t need to do it now, because we will surely see the functionality in the stable version in the next few weeks once all the tests have passed. In addition, you can also download Emojify, an extension that adds emojis to the browser.

When you have done one thing or another, you can try the emojis on this page.

Download Chrome Canary for OS X with emoji support

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