Instatext, to improve texts in English using Artificial Intelligence

There are many tools that help improve grammar or correct spelling errors in various languages, but Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the sector with increasingly sophisticated platforms, capable of altering the original text quite a bit to obtain a more attractive result.

That is what the tool that I present to you today does, modify English texts to obtain a better written version.

This is InstaText, and it is ideal for those who are not native English speakers and write important texts in English.

The online writing and editing tool is based on artificial intelligence, and does not correct only grammatical errors, InstaText also enriches the text and makes it more readable and understandable.

Among the objectives, they have:

– Improve writing interactively and in real time. – Help express ideas clearly and concisely. – Help to be understood and perceived as professional. – Save costs of editing and correction of external tests. – Rewrite texts of a new and original way.

The suggestions made can be accepted or rejected (on average 20% of what is suggested is rejected), although the Artificial Intelligence behind it continues to learn month by month, so the recommendations will be more and more appropriate.

They are already working on customizable language settings, improved workspace, handy dictionary of synonyms, and Chrome extension.

You can take a free 14-day trial, then the cost will be $ 9.99 per month, in case you want to continue using it.

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