Intel unveils the first CPU capable of bringing its eight cores to 5 GHz simultaneously

Intel unveils the first CPU capable of bringing its eight cores to 5 GHz simultaneously

The arrival of AMD Ryzen changed the processor market; We had been enjoying multi-core processors for a long time, but AMD’s new platform increased the number of cores to levels never seen on the desktop. This forced Intel to change its plans and also focus on newer models with more cores.

But just because a processor has more cores doesn’t mean that they all take advantage of the same. The software has to be developed for multitasking, and even then we may very well never get the most out of our new purchase. The reason is in the physical limitations of these processors.

Now Intel claims that it has managed to create the best gaming processor in its history, the Core i9-9900KS; its eight cores are capable of reaching 5 GHz at the same time. This is somewhat more striking if you know that normally, that never happens.

Intel Core i9-9900KS, the processor that uses all its cores to the full

When we talk about a new processor, we no longer say it is going to X gigahertz. Now we are talking about two frequencies, a base, and another turbo or maximum; that’s the range each core can reach. For example, theoretically, the Intel Core i5-9600K has a base frequency of 3.7 GHz, and a maximum frequency of 4.6 GHz.

In theory, that means that the six cores it has can go at 4.6 GHz each; But in practice, you will never see all cores at that speed, even when you need to. Processors are limited by their TDP, that is, the amount of energy they consume and the amount of heat they generate. With the i9-9900KS, Intel has achieved such efficiency that all cores will be able to go to maximum frequency simultaneously. What is striking is that it has achieved it based on the Coffee Lake architecture of 14 nm, the same that its current models use.

Depending on the load, all eight cores may go to 5.0 GHz. This will be a significant leap in performance, as there will never be a lazy core that isn’t doing enough. We will notice this especially in video games, which do not take advantage of multitasking as much and prefer more powerful cores. In fact Intel has also worked on optimizing hundreds of games to make better use of available hardware.

Intel has not clarified the price or availability of the Core i9-9900KS; but considering it’s a special edition, probably not everyone can afford it.

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