Interactive games arrive on Google’s Nest Hub smart displays

Google continues to push the entertainment side of Nest Hub smart displays through the Assistant. The next step they just took is launching a first batch of interactive games, combining voice controls with on-screen touch functions, so that users can spend hours testing their skills in different ways, both individually or shared with their family and friends.

Among the titles that have just arrived, and that users will be able to access through the Assistant simply by indicating by voice Hey Google, lets play a game, they find each other Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Puzzle of the Day, Talk to The Wiggles or Escape the Room, among other.

Entertainment as a key part of the capabilities of Smart Displays

But Google intends to expand the list of titles available throughout the year, for which we will continue working in collaboration with game developers to bring new titles to their smart screens.

It was a matter of time for Google to bring interactive games to its smart screens, considering that games are one of the capabilities that have long been present through the Google Assistant on other devices, offered even through the smart speakers.

But in addition to games, Google also offers other entertainment capabilities through Nest Hub smart displays, such as animal sounds, jokes or stories, as they point out, which shows that it tries to compete with smart devices. with competing virtual assistants through entertainment capabilities, which could steer the balance in your favor when deciding to purchase a smart display.

Following this trend, we can only hope that it will continue to bet on entertainment through the Assistant in the next initiatives that it will present in time, which will allow smart displays such as Nest Hub Max to become the perfect companion on many occasions thanks to the increasing number of capabilities in general.

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