Interactive map with real-time sensor data in the Arctic

The Arctic is that region of the North Pole that includes parts of Russia, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Lapland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Svalbard Islands and, of course, the Arctic Ocean. The limit that defines it has been modified several times throughout history, although today we can affirm that its edge corresponds to the 10 C isotherms in July.

It is a region of great scientific interest, mainly in what refers to the variation of temperatures, which is why there are all kinds of sensors distributed by that region, and now we can see the data they collect directly on the Internet.

This is, from where you can click on the desired sensor to read information about atmospheric conditions. Among other things we can see the temperature, wind speed, rainfall and visibility.

If we are interested in a specific region, it is possible to filter by country within the map, since the platform uses the Arctic Web Map, as discussed in google maps mania, a specific map creation tool for the arctic region.

The more attentive may even realize that the geography of the north pole in this project is somewhat different from what we see in traditional maps, somewhat due to the use of Lambert's Azimuth Projection, which better respects proportions.

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