Blog, the "free Internet" of Facebook Inc., is now a little more free and secure, the project sponsored by Facebook that aims to offer free access to a selection of sites and applications that require the Internet – not to the entire Internet but to a tiny sample that obviously includes Facebook services – a selection guided by the The company and its partnerships with the operators of a select group of developing countries where it operates, have announced four striking new features for the platform: the availability of a new set of services, the ability to choose between them, the name change (Free Basics) and safer and more private browsing.

For starters, there are already more than 60 applications and sites that will be accessed, and the list is expected to increase further as requests will depend less on operators and more on the usual revisions in terms of use. Additionally, it will now be possible to select a specific group of these applications, that is, those that you want to use, resorting only to what is of interest and not to an extensive set of taxes.

On the other hand, to calm down a good amount of the public that sees as an attack on net neutrality, the set of services available -but not the project in general- changes its name to be known simply as Free Basics by Facebook, title with which you can get in the Play Store the Android app that provides access to them. Likewise, will be the access site from mobile browsers.

Finally, the encryption of the navigation has been announced to make it more secure and private, for this, all the traffic that passes through the app will be protected and hidden, guaranteeing that only the name of the occupied domain and the amount of data used will be recorded. The subject is discussed in depth at this link.

For more information on the development of the project and the latest announcements it is worth checking the press site.

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